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Gene's Tahquamenon General Store carries a great stock of supplies for campers. Cooking utensils include: Pie Cookers, Broiler Baskets, Camping Forks, Fish Baskets, Burger Grillers, Pizza Grills, Hot Dog/ Brat Cooker, Tent Stakes, and Kebab Baskets. We also have Fire Starter Sticks, Mantels, and a variety of camping/kitchen gadgets. For your comfort we have air matresses, hand pumps, sleeping bags, camp mats, pillows, and blankets, towels, lanterns, extension cords, clothes line, camp tri-pods, fire grates, coolers, water jugs, camp fuel, propane tanks, and camp chairs just to name a few items.

Traditional Camping
Local Camp Sites
There are a number of great camp facilities in this area:

If you've never built a campfire, youTube offers a number of videos taking you through each step. We recommend Clarke Green's instructions.

Enjoy your visit to the UP. Need to restock? Forgot something from home, stop at Gene's Tahquamenon General Store. We are your four season store.